Daily News Averts Clich Disaster

So, record numbers of slow-moving, five-abreast sidewalk-blocking Michiganders are in New York this month, pushing back the start of our workdays by keeping us from going where we need to go. Read the story. It's informative, if not particularly groundbreaking. The headline, however, is what's important. It appears to… » 12/28/06 11:30am 12/28/06 11:30am

Cliche Detected: 'Cruising The Pike' Is The New Meatpacking

We've often found ourselves scanning Craigslist following a series of blatantly illegal driving maneuvers on that breezy little Long Island thoroughfare known as Hempstead Turnpike, hoping against hope that someone - anyone - with two breasts and a vagina bore witness to our courage. Sometimes in this crazy world,… » 12/28/06 10:10am 12/28/06 10:10am

New Yorkers Getting Murdered, But Waiting a While To Die

You people are killing each other at a much higher rate this year, and we don't know why, although we're liking the idea of a "reclassified homicide," which is where one New Yorker kills another one, but the one who's been killed doesn't die until the following year. 2006 gave us an unusually high number of reclassified… » 12/27/06 5:45pm 12/27/06 5:45pm